February 14, 2011

For the special one with the Cassual

Hi readers,

Just get back from my holiday with friends at Bandung, Indonesia. fresh! hahaha. Okay, today is February,14 2011! HAPPY VALENTINE! Spreads loves wherever... whenever...

Okay, i'll give you some suggestions to look awesome and fierce on your cassual date in this Valentine. Let's check it out..

The first one for the chic girl! Ruffles skirt with boots? YEAH! They are friends! Bosen ah selalu pake heels, heels, and heels again! haha. Padukan rok mini dengan detail "seru" yang kamu punya dengan blouse dari bahan-bahan satin yang nyaman. Gunakan boyish boots kamu atau bahkan punya adik laki-laki kamu. haha. Simple make up, simple hair do, and you'll get the unusual looks!

Mini Legacy Bag
$370 - barneys.com
Embossed handbags »

Eyeshadow ♥

Triple Drama Mascara
$12 - victoriassecret.com

and this is for the modest librarian girl!
Hey nerd girl, get up and dress your self in this special day! Use your cute blouse and wear your maxi skirt! They are totally hyped! haha. use your fave scarf.. this israiny valentine, girls! do want to be sick after this day? hahaha. Sweet make up with pink and purple. And don't forget ur glasses.. the big one. it's a power of ur look. Haha.

Peacock Earring
$5.99 - rue21.com
Peacock jewelry »

Love Hearts and Crosses Jewellery
10 GBP - loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk
Cross heart necklace »

and the last and not least,the crazy one. Hahaha. The messy and cruel look. Keluarkan semua isi lemari kamu, dan cari kaos mana yang paling cocok buat si 'berantakan', get ur short jeans, and discover ur mama's old outfit on the garage. That's totally hyped, girls! Maxi accesories, simple bag, and vedora! Yaa.. you can use ur heels or boots or snekers btw.

Okay girls, that's it. Good luck for your date and HAPPY VALENTINE!



  1. aw Breakfast At Tiffany's! i haven't watched it yet!!

  2. eh kayaknya gue salah komen deh huahaha *mata juling*